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Moisture, ice and temperature changes with strong expansion and contraction are damaging. For this reason, for greater durability of stoneware in placements outside, it is essential that the masonry work is done with the appropriate expertise:

The gradient or slope shall be not less than 2% in order to evacuate the water toward drains to avoid any kind of stalemate on the flooring.

As there is no absolutely free moisture pavement (1% -2% Turolgrés models available), it is crucial to isolate, for a perfect ending, the work of masonry under the pavement, in order to prevent, in case of water leakages through the joints, the formation of backwaters under the pavement, that would cause, in case of ice, the rise of the tiles. Prolonged backwaters in contact with mortar and concrete, lead to the formation of complex salts followed by strong volume increases, and the resulting high pressure causes the surface rise due to the capillary action, formation of spots and violent detachment of the seated tiles enamel. It is very important not to use nitrous sands that cause stains and efflorescence.

To avoid most of these problems is necessary to use adhesives for specific external (joints and footprint) and under the pavement.

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